Terms and Conditions


Our general conditions of sale (hereinafter GTC) apply as of right to any order for products or services sold by Alpha Tool Store, placed by any Buyer with Alpha Tool Store. Any order placed with Alpha Tool Store, whatever its origin, necessarily implies full and unreserved acceptance by the purchaser of these T & Cs who acknowledge having read them. These T & Cs constitute the sole basis for any commercial negotiation. All conditions to the contrary, and in particular all general or specific conditions issued by the Buyer, including those appearing in its own conditions of purchase and on its order, forms are therefore unenforceable against Alpha Tool Store, except with prior written acceptance by Alpha Tool Store.

In the event of any contradiction, these GTCs will prevail. The fact of not invoking at any given time any of these GTCs cannot be interpreted by the Purchaser as a waiver by Alpha Tool Store, of availing itself subsequently of one of said conditions. These T & Cs are subject to change at any time, without notice and are available on our website www.alphatoolstore.com


  1. Warranty:

We undertake to rectify or replace any material which may prove defective, but not liability for direct or consequential loss or damage arising from such defects is accepted.


  1. Risk:

All goods supplied to the customer shall be at the Customer’s risk at all times whilst in his possession or power. The customer shall at his own expense establish such full insurance as may be considered prudent.


  1. Title:
  2. a) Ownership of the goods supplied herewith shall remain vested with Alpha Tool Store and shall not pass to the Customer until payment in full for these items, and any other monies due to the company whatsoever, have been made.
  3. b) The Customer shall keep and store all such goods in such a manner that they can be readily identified as items belonging to Alpha Tool Store.
  4. c) If payment for the goods is overdue, in whole or in part, Alpha Tool Store shall have the right to re-possess the goods and the Customer hereby irrevocably grants permission to Alpha Tool Store, or its representatives, to enter upon any premises owned or under the control of the Customer and remove, and if necessary, detach, the goods from such premises or from any other goods or property.
  5. d) The Customer shall have the power to make bona fide market sales of the goods for the benefit of Alpha Tool Store and the Customer shall hold all proceeds for sale of the goods in trust for Alpha Tool Store.




  1. Terms of Payment:

Net monthly account, i.e. payment within 30 days from the end of the calendar month during which the goods were invoiced.

Alpha Tool Store reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 21 ⁄2% per month on the outstanding balance of all accounts not settled within 60 days from the end of the month during which goods were invoiced.

If payment is not made on these terms, or any such other agreed terms then Alpha Tool Store, without prejudice to any rights it may have, shall be entitled to suspend any further deliveries to the Purchaser.

A certificate of Alpha Tool Store’s auditors as to the amounts due to be paid to Alpha Tool Store and the times of such payments shall be binding upon the customer and not subject to Arbitration or dispute in any court of law.


  1. Order Size/Value:

Indexable inserts will only be dispatched and invoiced in multiples of an unbroken pack size, which is normally 10. Alpha Tool Store reserves the right to make a handling charge if the total order value excluding any taxes is less than £200.00 (£100.00 if bought via the online store)


  1. Goods Returned:

Alpha Tool Store reserves the right to deduct a 15% contribution for goods returned.


  1. Claims on seller:

All claims, including claims for non or short delivery, must be notified to Technical Supply and Solution Limited, Leicester, by letter or telefax within 10 days from the invoiced date of the goods against which a claim is alleged, otherwise no claim will be considered.


  1. Alpha Tool Store’s Liability:

Alpha Tool Store’s liability in respect of proven claims is limited to the invoice value of the defective goods. No consequential loss claims will be allowed, for any reason.


  1. Prices:

Alpha Tool Store reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice – however, orders accepted by Alpha Tool Store for immediate despatch will be invoiced at the price ruling at the date of receipt of order.


  1. Variations:

No variations from above conditions of sale will be allowed except as varied with our written agreement.